As Teknoprom, we are one of the first companies to bring USB memory products to the promotional market. With the regular imports we supply usb memory in the desired model and memory capacity (2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB). Our products are the quality of the chips and the memory used is full capacity. Usb memory is one of the most popular promotional items in recent years. Another popular technological promotional product besides usb memory is 'power bank' (mobile charger). In addition, card readers, pda pens, laser presentations, usb multiplexers, travel adapters and portable mini speakers are some of the other popular technological promotional products. All tenchnology promotional items can be found in the "Products" heading. All other promotional products can be found on

 What We Do?

Our company serves to give you the support of supplying technological promotional products to your customers. We offer flexible and resolvable approaches to issues such as market competition analysis, product identification, design and printing stages, and customer specific product importation.

Importance Of Promotion

A promotion is an advertising tool that promotes your brand, your company, your logo, and your products to a target audience. It is quite remarkable that you are introducing your products and services to potential and direct customers.

Promotion Products

It provides company and brand promotion, it is effective in increasing your brand value, it helps you to be recognized and remember your Logo. Promotional usb memory is one of the most popular promotional products today.